Mr P van Baaren

Mr. P. van Baaren

 I am born and raised in Rotterdam-Zuid. After highschool Libanon ( gymnasium) i gratuaded on the Erasmus university of Rotterdam.In my spare time I have always played football, but nowadays I stick to tennis, golf, chess, and, oh yes, still a lot of football, but especially from the lazy chair, to the TV. I feel involved with the city. I have been working at this place for 35 years, and through the years I know Rotterdam-Zuid and the mentality like no other:

 I handle cases in different jurisdictions. On the one hand, I assist citizens with problems with the municipality, the government, bailiffs, or whatever. On the other hand, I also assist entrepreneurs with various business problems. Because of the different perspectives, I have a lot of knowledge and expertise to assist the customer in the right way. In 2012, my daughter, Mr. I. van Baaren, joined in practice. My experience and specializations, in combination with her refreshing input, make Van Baaren law firm a strong team that stands for the client. We make the difference with others due to the combination of the extensive expertise we have in all kinds of jurisdictions.