Law office van Baaren

Law Office Van Baaren has existed since 1982 and is located in the southern part of Rotterdam, near Lombardijen trainstation. The lawyers Mr. P. van Baaren and mrs. Mr. I. van Baaren specialize in various legal areas. It is a real general practice. The office makes the difference by combining the expertise in different jurisdictions.

• Family law: divorce, interrelation, alimony, supervision, authority, restraining etc.
• Administrative Law: all sorts of problems with the ‘Participatiewet’, SoZaWe, cancellation of allowance, suspension of allowance, fines, etc., and also problems with the UWV or the SVB, sickness allowance, benefit WIA, Wajong etc.
• Rental law: for rent arrears, eviction, evacuation, etc.
• Contract law: purchase and sale, problems with telephone contracts, loans, direct debits, in short all problems with agreements, bailiffs, summons, etc.
• Injuries: all kinds of injury compensation, all injury and liability
• Criminal law: police judge, juvenile court judge, multiple chamber
• Labor law: dismissal, transition allowance, etc.
• Seizure law: the bailiff can seize your bank, your allowance or your salary.

We examine whether it is permitted and whether, for example, the seizure free foot is sufficiently taken into account.


A legal problem is never in itself, but often has multiple interfaces with multiple jurisdictions. Law Office Van Baaren offers you legal assistance in almost all legal areas.

We fight for you!