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Quarrel? Van Baaren Law Firm!

Sadly, there is often a quarrel when the involvement of a lawyer is necessary. When conflict situations arise between people, companies and organizations that lead to a judicial process, the deployment of a sworn lawyer is necessary. A lawyer is a confidential counselor protected by law who assists a party in civil cases and in criminal cases.

In addition to the rules that you have to adhere to, the lawyer also has to keep to rules. The lawyer is obliged to be a member of the ‘Nederlandse Orde van Advocaten’, which organization is authorized to lay down further rules on the professional practice. The ‘algemene raad’ adopted the Code of Conduct 2018 on 14 February 2018.

Our lawyers are happy to act as your counselor. In doing so, we try to avoid the passage to court as much as possible. It is not that every dispute should lead to legal proceedings, we strive to find solutions where parties reach agreement on the solution. In many cases we find an arrangement between parties that is ratified in an agreement.

In for example dismissal issues, divorce cases and personal injury cases, we inform you as our client about your rights and obligations, we provide the necessary correspondence and we get the most optimal result from the case … for you! Indeed, as a lawyer we are partial, we fight for your interests.

We do this with expertise and understanding for the situation. With confidentiality and discretion. We work with a solution-oriented goal in mind. With a team of specialists that supports each other and ensures a social and accessible way of acting.

Let’s face it: you do not want to hire a lawyer for your pleasure but because you have to deal with legal problems. If you have suffered damage, if you want to divorce and if in your eyes there is a risk of wrongful dismissal, when you are faced with judicial and / or governmental authorities and indeed, even if you are having an quarrel.

How does that work?
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Mr. I van Baaren

Mr. I. van Baaren (Inge): In early 2013 I was sworn in as a lawyer. The legal profession attracted me the most after my studies. During my studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam I always worked as a legal assistant. I spend my free time mainly on sports and my family. What differentiates our office from other offices is the years of experience in the various jurisdictions. Nowadays, there is a lot of emphasis on specializing in 1 legal area, but for most cases knowledge of 1 or 2 jurisdictions is not enough to handle the case optimally. I therefore think that our office can achieve the best result for the client from different angles. Example: if someone is injured by an accident, there is often more to it than just the personal injury. Consider, for example, problems in the workplace or problems with payments of mortgage or rent if an income is lost due to disability. The office can then assist you in all matters and you do not have to look for another lawyer.


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Mr P van Baaren

Mr. P. van Baaren

 I am born and raised in Rotterdam-Zuid. After highschool Libanon ( gymnasium) i gratuaded on the Erasmus university of Rotterdam.In my spare time I have always played football, but nowadays I stick to tennis, golf, chess, and, oh yes, still a lot of football, but especially from the lazy chair, to the TV. I feel involved with the city. I have been working at this place for 35 years, and through the years I know Rotterdam-Zuid and the mentality like no other:

 I handle cases in different jurisdictions. On the one hand, I assist citizens with problems with the municipality, the government, bailiffs, or whatever. On the other hand, I also assist entrepreneurs with various business problems. Because of the different perspectives, I have a lot of knowledge and expertise to assist the customer in the right way. In 2012, my daughter, Mr. I. van Baaren, joined in practice. My experience and specializations, in combination with her refreshing input, make Van Baaren law firm a strong team that stands for the client. We make the difference with others due to the combination of the extensive expertise we have in all kinds of jurisdictions.

Jolanda Maaskant

Legal secretary
Working for the firm since 1998.

Mariska ’t Hart

Legal secretary

Working for the firm since 2008