Mr. I van Baaren

Mr. I. van Baaren (Inge): In early 2013 I was sworn in as a lawyer. The legal profession attracted me the most after my studies. During my studies at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam I always worked as a legal assistant. I spend my free time mainly on sports and my family. What differentiates our office from other offices is the years of experience in the various jurisdictions. Nowadays, there is a lot of emphasis on specializing in 1 legal area, but for most cases knowledge of 1 or 2 jurisdictions is not enough to handle the case optimally. I therefore think that our office can achieve the best result for the client from different angles. Example: if someone is injured by an accident, there is often more to it than just the personal injury. Consider, for example, problems in the workplace or problems with payments of mortgage or rent if an income is lost due to disability. The office can then assist you in all matters and you do not have to look for another lawyer.


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